“Alexa, do I need a lawyer? I was injured at work.”

“Alexa, Do I need a lawyer?  I was injured at work.  Google workers’ comp in Illinois.”

The year is 2019, and you might ask Alexa or Google every question you have, but if those are your questions, I suggest calling an attorney for a free talk.  (312-782-8372).

The odds are high that you are out-thinking yourself and are making this more complicated than it should be.  CALL A LAWYER FOR A FREE CONSULT.  Talk things through.  Do not waste hours Googling and YouTube-viewing how to build your own work comp case, as though you are fixing a part of your kitchen sink instead of calling a plumber.  Sometimes, you can get away with that, for things like kitchen sinks, but you are not working on a kitchen sink right now.  You are working on your body, your livelihood, your life.  You deserve – at the least – honest, free, direct advice regarding your possible workers’ compensation case, and why you may want to consider hiring an attorney or law firm who focuses on this area of law.  That is all.  There is no substitute for talking to a live attorney on the phone.  Don’t hesitate.  Call one today.  We are one option for you at (312)-782-8372.

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