“I have a work injury / workers’ comp case. Can I switch lawyers / fire my attorney?”

“I have a work injury / workers’ comp case and I don’t like my attorney. He doesn’t call me back fast enough or reply to texts and emails. Can I switch lawyers / fire my attorney / get a new attorney?”

The short answer to this question is:  Yes, you can.

As an honest workers’ comp attorney with 47 years of experience, the long answer is:  You can, but in many situations, a good attorney will tell you to stay with your lawyer.  A bad attorney will jump at the chance to take your case away from your attorney, and with little hesitation.  With the rare exception of certain attorneys having horrible reputations in the legal community, and whose client’s stories and complaints often sound very similar, most talks with an HONEST and DIRECT work comp attorney will lead to a lengthy discussion with you about:

  1. What is going on with all aspects of your medical care.
  2. What your attorney is telling you about your case.
  3. What your attorney’s last update was.
  4. How long it takes for your attorney to respond to your communications.

There are other aspects, but those are key, and a thoughtful and respectable attorney will want to know details about all of those areas.  He or she might also ask you for permission to speak to your attorney, in order to give you, the client, the best most accurate possible preview of how a possible attorney-client relationship will go with your new possible firm.  I sometimes discover that a simple lack of communication or communication issues between client and attorney exist, and in such instances, I sometimes encourage the client to seek a meeting with the attorney before terminating their relationship, and only after such a meeting, to call me again later, if the parties are unable to resolve issues.  A bad attorney will not go down such paths.  A good attorney, depending on your unique situation, may explore such options with you in an honest, patient, and complete manner.  Be careful that you seek advice from an experienced workers’ comp attorney who you can trust.  One option for you for a free, private talk, is work injury and personal injury attorney Peter Corti at (312)-782-8372.  I would be honored to hear your story and provide any possible honest, direct answers or advice.  I would not have been successful for 47 years if I had done otherwise.  No matter the path you take, I wish you the very best.

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