Today, I would like to point out a few things that an injured worker should never do:

1.)  You should never allow the workers’ compensation insurance carrier to record a statement over the phone. Statements are taken for the insurance company in order to try to obtain information that they’re not entitled to, like medical histories dating back from as long as you can remember.

2.)  You should never sign the medical authorizations that are sent to you by either your employer or your employer’s insurance carrier. They’re not entitled to as much information as they want you to release.

3.)  Most importantly, you should never quit or resign from your job with the employer where you were injured. If you do, you lose not only unemployment rights, but also the ability to sue your employer if they retaliate against you and terminate you. You also lose the ability to receive weekly workers’ compensation checks for as long as you’re unable to work, which would apply if you’re still working there, as well as even after you are fired, if they terminate you. Remember, don’t ever quit your job.

Recorded Statement, Unemployment Rights

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