If you are injured at work while doing something that:

A.)  Your employer might reasonably expect you to do to fulfill job duties,


B.)  Exposes you to a risk of injury greater than that of the general public,

then you have a chance to win a workers’ comp case!

Here’s a brief example of a recent Illinois case:

  • Joan Anderson was a waitress, trainer and manager at Steak ‘N Shake.
  • May 30, 2008:  The restaurant was very busy, and she was assisting in cleaning to keep business moving.
  • She was wiping down a table when she felt and heard a loud “pop” in her right hand, and had intense pain in her thumb and across her hand.
  • An MRI showed mild chronic injury to the base of the first metacarpal joint (thumb), and evidence of degenerative changes in the area.
  • Treatment included physical therapy, and eventually right thumb joint arthroplasty surgery.
  • Problems lead to a total of 5 surgeries for her injury.
  • Her employer’s attorney sent her to an “independent” medical exam, who predictably gave an opinion in the employer’s favor, to help fight the claim.

Joan’s workers’ comp attorney helped fight for her in court for over five years.

Her employer’s attorney pulled out all the stops to fight the claim, including the “independent” medical exam and video surveillance (just like we discussed for another case in, “Video Surveillance & IME Doctors Defeat Workers’ Comp CRPS Claim“).  In the end, Joan won her workers’ comp claim.

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